Summer Missionary


Applications for Summer Missions 2020 have closed.
Email us at if you have questions or still want to apply.

Summer Camp Week One: 14-18 January

Missionaries on-site from Saturday 11th – Sunday 19th

Summer Camp Week Two: 20-24 January

Missionaries on-site from Saturday 18th – Saturday 25th

Your Mission

First and foremost, you are answering Christ’s call to build up His Kingdom on earth. Throughout summer camp, you will lead high school teens closer to Christ through service, relationship, and prayer. You are joining the mission of Life Teen Summer Camps to create an environment for teens to meet Jesus Christ and develop a discipleship relationship with Him.

As a missionary, you are also responding to Christ’s invitation to deepen your personal relationship with Him and experience ongoing spiritual formation. Before camp starts there will be training days where you will be expected to begin living in the community of missionaries, where you will support one another in common mission, hold each other accountable, and engage in the communities structured and sacramental prayer life. You will also develop practical, life-long ministry skills that you will then gain practical experience in living out through the various roles required of our summer missionaries.

Contribution through Mission Partnering: $300
(see below for more info)

Main Tasks

Summer Staff serve primarily as in relational ministry, trained in the facilitation of small group discussions and team-building activities. Your primary responsibility will be to be present and minister to the teens, core members, and youth minister from one particular parish while they are at camp for one week. You will also be responsible for serving meals, assisting prayer activities, and the facilitation of many camp activities including an obstacle course and messy games.

Service Crew serves primarily behind the scenes as the backbone of summer camp. Through a number of different roles, summer missionaries on service crew are responsible for keeping camp running efficiently. Service crew members don’t have as much teen interaction as summer staff, but there are ministry opportunities in each role available.

Summer Missionary

Ministry Description

Most Summer Missionaries will be chosen for this role. They will receive training on leaders days and then gain practical experience throughout the camp be assisting parishes with daily parish korero (meetings), small groups, team building activities, games, as well as building relationships between parishioners and directly with the teens, all with the aim of leading teens closer to Christ.

Service Crew

Ministry Description

Service Crew roles lead teens closer to Christ in a more indirect way than Summer Staff. Service Crew assist with a range of practical aspects of the programme. The Service Crew will lead teens closer to Christ through assisting with the smooth running of camp, and their witness to the joy that comes from working for the Lord. These roles include:

Hospitality Team: Creates and facilitates hospitable environments and engages as approachable and loving personnel at the Office, Art Barn and Camp Store.

Prayer Team: Organises and facilitates liturgies and prayer times. And prays directly and indirectly for campers, chaperones, missionaries and the camp as a whole.

Audio and Visual Crew: Organises and runs all visuals through a laptop, projector, lighting desk and manual lights, and all audio through a laptop, sound desk, iPod, Mics, Instruments and outdoor speaker.

Photographer: Takes, edits and uploads high quality photos and videos to capture the feelings, experiences and interactions of the campers, chaperones and summer missionaries.

Maintenance Team: Maintains, sets up, facilitates and packs down all activities, games, equipment and environments.

Kitchen Crew: Communicates with Forest Lakes staff and leads Summer Missionaries in serving meals and preparing and cleaning up the dining room.

Mission Partnering

A vital part of Life Teen Summer Missions is inviting people to join you as mission partners; they will support you spiritually and financially through prayers and donations. No mission is successful without support; not only will camp be covered with intercession, but you will also be including individuals and families in the mission.

A vital part of your mission this summer will be inviting people to join you as mission partners; they will support you spiritually and financially through prayers and donations. As a missionary, your first job will be to ask people to commit to praying for you; they can offer a daily Mass, rosary, chaplet, holy hour, or any other type of prayer. No mission is successful without prayer support; not only will camp be covered with intercession, but you will also be including individuals and families in the mission. You will also need to gather $300 in financial support for this mission.

The majority of your mission partners should be outside of your immediate family; we want to include as many people as we can in this mission! Since this is truly a mission, God is calling you to bring your servant heart with complete trust in His divine providence.

Life Teen Summer Missions Rule of Life

Every Life Teen summer missionary commits to glorifying God through our rule of life. If you are considering applying to be a Life Teen Summer Missionary, please read through it. Click here to read it.