Summer Camp

Promo Material


How to use this Promo Material

Some suggestions for how to use this physical promotional material in your local community to promote Life Teen Summer Camp Aotearoa in January 2020.


Promotion Tips

Some tips to help you consider the best ways to promote Life Teen Summer Camp Aotearoa and connect with the young people in your community.


Life Night: Summer Camp

A full Life Night for your youth group! The goal of this night is to create excitement and momentum for Life Teen Summer Camp Aotearoa in January 2020.


Sponsorship Form

This form can be given to parishioners who are interested in supporting your teens to get to Life Teen Summer Camp or directly supporting Life Teen Aotearoa.

Missions Poster

This poster can be put up in your parish or community to encourage young adults to serve at Life Teen Summer Camp as a Summer Missionary.

Summer Camp Poster

A poster to put up in your parish or community, with space for the local group leader to add their own contact details.


Donation Leaflet

Want to donate to Life Teen? This leaflet has all the info you need to help support Life Teen Aotearoa and keep costs down for young Kiwis.

Experience Freedom

With two weeks in 2020, Life Teen Summer Camp Aotearoa is ready to welcome you home for the best summer imaginable. We’ve crafted an exhilarating, uplifting and powerful week of activities that are designed to help lead teens closer to Christ, and closer to their parish group.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience freedom through a life-changing summer that will ignite your faith, reinvigorate your parish and fill your heart with the love of God.