Life Teen Summer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about coming to the Best Camp Ever? We’re here to help with any and every question you might have!

My parish wants to come to camp! How do we sign up?

Registration requests open on 15 August 2019! Once those open, you’ll be able to let us know which of the two weeks (14-18 or 20-24 January 2020) work for your parish and how many people you’d like to bring.

Selection of your preferred week is on a first-come-first-served basis and once spaces are filled we cannot guarantee your first option. Check the registration page for an update on available places. At the bottom of this page are walkthrough videos if you need some help with the process.

My son or daughter wants to come to camp but doesn’t have a parish to come with. Can I sign up an individual camper?

One of our big focuses at Life Teen Summer Camp is parish-based discipleship. We want campers to come and grow in their faith, as well as grow closer with their parish family. Therefore, we require all campers to come to camp with a parish.

We recommend checking with other parishes in your area to see if they’re bringing a group, or just start a group yourself! All you need to come to camp is at least two teens, and at least one chaperone of the same gender as your teens.

Speaking of chaperones, how many does my parish need to bring?

We require a gender-specific 1:8 adult to teen ratio (1 male adult for every 8 male campers, 1 female adult for every 8 female campers). Each adult must be at least 21 years old and have met local diocesan safeguarding requirements (including a police check). Each group must have one group leader who will receive all communications from our Camps Team.

When does camp begin and end?

This year there are two camps running almost back to back. Camp One runs Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th, and Camp Two is Monday 20th to Friday 24th, January.

Check in for both camps happens between 1:00 and 3:00pm on start day. Please ensure your group arrives between these two times. The group leaders will have a mandatory meeting with our leadership team at 3pm and the introduction session for teens will begin at 4pm.

All parishes will leave camp by 2pm on finish day.

Where will our groups sleep?

Due to the different ratios of male to female campers each week, we cannot provide exact housing information until you arrive. We will do our best to house your entire group together and we will never put one teen from your group by themselves. We will give you a housing assignment but leave the assignment of specific campers to beds within these designated rooms up to you.

At Life Teen Summer Camps our Health & Safety policy requires that adults cannot share sleeping or showering space with a minor unless in a bunk room with at least two (2) adults present.

What exactly happens at camp?

The Life Teen Summer Camps Leadership Team plans, prepares, and facilitates the programming, liturgies and activities for each day. Each day you’ll experience Mass and other powerful prayer experiences. Our key sessions, led by a dynamic speaker, will break open scriptural topics to lead your teens into a more authentic encounter with Christ. Once during the week the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available. All of this alongside an obstacle course, messy games, plenty of free time and much more. Each day campers will enjoy three delicious meals. Before your week, the group leader will receive an overview schedule of the week to help you prepare to lead your teens best!

Is sponsorship available to come to camp?

Life Teen is dedicated to getting as many teens to encounter Jesus Christ at summer camp as possible. We heavily subside the registration fee each camper pays to attend summer camp to make it accessible as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any further sponsorship for parish groups but suggest that you explore different ways to fundraise with your group to allow finance to not get in the way. There are many creative ways to approach fundraising and we suggest your group begin this well in advance of registration deadlines. 

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact the Summer Camps team any time! We’re here to help answer any questions and provide as much assistance as possible.

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For all other enquiries contact Isabella McCafferty, the Life Teen Regional Contact for Aotearoa: